The Project

The Duzine/Lenape PTA is thrilled to announce an exciting new project recently approved by the New Paltz Board of Education:

The New Paltz Amphitheater at Lenape
A 500-seat performance, education, and gathering space for the entire New Paltz Central School District community

Lenape Elementary has a tradition of producing class plays as the centerpieces of study units, with more and more teachers participating. Through drama, students build confidence, concentration, cooperation skills, and knowledge of the world around them. Sometimes these plays are even student-written, and children can design sets, costumes, and props as well as programs and posters. Unfortunately, sharing indoor stage time with PE classes, lunch periods, and band practice has put limits on the program. The New Paltz Amphitheater will open up new possibilities for this much-loved part of our curriculum, as well as serving as:

–An outdoor classroom
–A space for dance, music, puppetry, improvisation, and other types of performance
–A setting for the annual 5th Grade Moving Up ceremony
–A public venue available for use by local non-profit organizations

The New Paltz Amphitheater at Lenape combines everything we associate with the spirit of New Paltz: education, the arts, the outdoors, and community!